Siyakula pre-school

Reading time at Siyakula pre-school

It’s reading time at the pre-school and to increase the children’s English skills, we read a story to them every day. The story will be read in English and then translated to Xhosa by a teacher. They always enjoy story time and are keen to answer the questions about the story afterwards.

Playing at the Siyakula pre-school

At the Siyakula pre-school the children both learn and play a lot. After their break they will have some kind of activity, it´s everything from singing and dancing, to football and obstacle courses.  Lately we have been playing a ball game called the “tunnel”, where the children stand in a line and send a ball READ MORE

Siyakula pre-school

Last year we got a donation to make chalk boards for the children at Siyakula pre-school and they have been well used.  Now all the children have a chance to practice their letters and numbers.