Elephant Seal moulting

The first Elephant Seal of the year comes into Plettenberg Bay at the end of January, beginning of February. The normal question is, “what is it doing here?” The first one of the year comes to moult it’s fur. The photo shows how quick this process is and that they have dark, grey/black skin under READ MORE

More Humpback whale sightings

We still have Humpback whales passing on their southerly migration. According to records a Humpback whale was spotted off Margate on 14 November with shark netting and a buoy attached to it. All NSRI stations were notified along the coastline to keep a look out for this whale. This still shows that there are lots READ MORE

Elephant Seal a regular visitor to our Bay

The Elephant seal is still here. The young male Elephant Seal is not injured or sick but  rather just resting. They live in the Sub-Antartic region and are the largest of any seal on the planet. These behemoths can weigh up to 6000kg and grow to lengths of about 5m long. They are easily identifiable READ MORE

Great Humpback whale sightings

  Yesterday we had between 20 & 30 Humpback whales 3km off the Point of Robberg. It looks like we are going to have a great Humpback whale season this year as reports coming in from Transkei (east coast) are that there are up to plus minus 100 Humpback whales currently passing the coast, moving south READ MORE

More Southern Right whale sightings

How close are we allowed to the whales? This is a FAQ we get from the guests and towns folk. Each whale watching company has 1 permitted close encounter vessel. The vessel is allowed to be 50m from the whales and we are only allowed to spend 20 minuted with the whales. It is important to READ MORE

Elephant Seal Arrives

The Elephant Seal is back. This giant visitor can be found at the Seal Colony a few times a year. As the largest Seal species in the world, he can only haul out at 2 places at the colony. The Orca crew has observed him for the last five years and established that it is the READ MORE