Endangered Loggerhead Turtles

A Turtle on the beach.   Last week a baby Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) was found washed up on Robberg beach and brought to the ORCA Foundation, a volunteer program working with Ocean Blue Adventures. The loggerhead turtles have since 1986 been on the endangered list as vulnerable (http:www.iucnredlist.org), and are now seen as endangered and READ MORE

Now you see me, now you don’t

It’s April, the month we see most Brydes whales in Plettenberg Bay. They are known as the “now you see me, now you don’t” whales, as they may appear suddenly, and go under very quickly. This week we have been lucky and had some nice encounters with the Brydes whales. Have a look out in READ MORE

Our Qolweni township tours

On our township tours on weekends, the guests can enjoy walking around in the township with all the children as escorts.  They also love to pose for photos and to have a look at themselves afterwards.

Interesting facts on seals

The Cape fur Seal pups begin swimming at an early age and the time they spend in the water increases as the pup learns more. By seven months the pup can already swim for two to three days at a time.  

Ocean Blue Shop

Deciding to jump onto the boat at the last minute and not having the right clothes? We have a good selection, from warm hoody’s and jackets to t-shirts and tops.

Bottlenose dolphins scarring and identification

It’s uncommon for the Bottlenose dolphins to have a lot of scars and scratches. They get them during social interaction like fighting or courting.They also get them from interaction with predators like sharks or Orcas (Killer whales) and just by feeding around rocks and reefs. The marks, together with the shape of the fin helps READ MORE

Fun facts on dolphins

Dolphins sleep by resting one half of their brain at a time so that one eye is always open. This allows them to rise to the surface to breathe and to protect themselves from predators.