southern right whale


Southern right whales are usually mostly black in colour and were often referred to as “black whales” by open-boat whalers. Most individuals also have a white blaze on their bellies, which can vary in size from a small spot to a large irregularly-shaped marking that may extend up the side of the animal and sometimes READ MORE


On Tuesday 3 October, the Mammal Research Institute’s Whale Unit started their annual southern right whale aerial survey which aims to monitor the population of right whales along the South African coastline. This survey has been carried out annually since the first survey in 1979, making this year the 39th consecutive annual right whale survey READ MORE

Adorable Southern Right whale calves

Since the beginning of September, the number of southern right whale (Eubalaena australis) cow-calf pairs in the bay has increased significantly compared to the last two months of our annual whale season. We have counted a total of about six cow-calf pairs in Plettenberg Bay, two of which are easily identifiable as a result of READ MORE

Breaching, Southern Right whale, Plettenberg Bay

During the South African winter, Southern Right whales (Eubalaena australis) arrives from the Antarctic to breed and give birth. They normally arrive in Plettenberg Bay in mid-July and stay until mid-September. They were given the name “right” whale, because during the whaling (the massive hunt of whales) they were the right whales to hunt. They READ MORE

Our first Southern Right whale encounter

Even though whales have been spotted from land, on Saturday afternoon we were thrilled to have our first close encounter on two Southern Right whales at Keurbooms River Mouth. When the Southern Right whales leave the Antarctic waters for the warmer Atlantic and Indian Ocean waters they want to shed their skin. They do so READ MORE

Southern Right whale breaching off Robberg Beach

Breaching whales are a sight to behold. In the 16+ years that Ocean Blue has been in operation it still amazes us to see these marine giants launch themselves out of the water. Let’s consider this for a moment, fully grown Southern Right whales is on average about 50 ton and about 14m long and they READ MORE

Picture of the day: Southern Right Whale

“Picture of the day” On Monday 16th April we had our second Southern Right whale passing through the bay for 2012. Guests were entertained on Robberg Beach with this whale breaching up to 5 to 6 times ± 2kilometers off the Beacon Island moving towards the Point of Robberg. Today on both our 09h30 and READ MORE

Picture of the day: Southern Right whale

“Picture of the day” On our 09h30 boat trip on Monday morning we noticed a blow just behind the back line at Dune Park. On approaching, skipper Tracy noticed it was a Southern Right whale and not a Brydes whale. We spent 20 minutes with this whale which entertained our clients on the boat. So READ MORE