Panda’s of the sea – Orcas

We had a fantastic week last week with some special visitors making their way past Plettenberg Bay, and only one boat full of passengers were lucky enough to see them! I am talking about a pod of 7 orcas, or killer whales, which were sighted roughly 4 nautical miles from the coast – what an READ MORE

Bryde’s Whales forever in the bay

While most people excitedly anticipate the arrival of the humpback and southern right whales sometime during June or July their migration from sub-antarctic waters, many may forget or overlook our near shore resident species, the Bryde’s whale Balaenoptera brydei. Both the humpback and southern right whales are bigger in size, personality, approachability, and visibility than READ MORE

Our first Southern Right Whale of the season

We are very excited to announce that the first Southern Right Whale of the season has been sighted in our beautiful Plettenberg Bay! It is always so exciting to see the first whale of the season, though all sightings are awe-inspiring and fantastic, there is something special about that first sighting after months of not READ MORE

Great White Sharks in Plettenberg Bay

There are roughly 100 shark species in southern Africa, and while most of them are very rarely seen and are harmless, Great White Sharks Carcharodon carcharias are of the more infamous of these species particularly due to its perceived aggressive nature. This shark species is one you will recognize on sight. It has a blue-grey READ MORE

Amazing humpback whale sightings in Plettenberg Bay

We have had some great trips over the last few days with humpback whales migrating past Plettenberg Bay. The whales approached the boat, slapping their tails and flippers and occasionally swimming right underneath us. Humpbacks are known for being active and charismatic whales that often put on spectacular aerial performances.

Dolphin Sightings in Plettenberg Bay

During our trips this week we found pods of Bottlenose dolphins along the Keurbooms beach. They were relaxing in the surf and some curious animals came to the boat for a closer look, putting smiles on the guest’s faces when they played in the waves. We also encountered a small resident group of between 4 READ MORE

Southern Right whale sightings

We have seen some Southern Right Whales in Plettenberg Bay the last few days. The males have been seen courting the females for a last chance of mating before moving down to the Antarctic to feed. When the males court the females they pet them with their pectoral fins which is easily seen from a READ MORE

Amazing bird sightings

It’s always an adventure going on a boat trip with Ocean Blue. While cruising in search of whales, other wild life like fish and birds can be seen e.g. flocks of Cormorants flying around, curious Kelp gulls looking for something to eat or magnificent Albatrosses gliding through the air like there is no wind stopping READ MORE