Fish are friends not food

Water covers 71% of the worlds surface, and 97% of that water is in the oceans. Oceans, while appearing infinitely large, are not an infinite resource. Oceans provide many important services and functions, most of which people may be unaware of, such as: nutrient recycling, primary production, provide shelter to many marine species, provide food READ MORE

The hermaphroditic skinheads of the sea

While doing some research on fish occurring in local waters, I came across a most fascinating and odd looking species that I had to know more! The poenskop Cymatoceps nasutus looks like it could play the role of a gnome or troll in a movie as it does not age well! Poenskop is the Afrikaans READ MORE

Black Marlin

A few weeks ago a Black Marlin Istiompax indica washed up on Central Beach in Plettenberg Bay measuring 3.8 m. Unfortunately, I was not in town to see it but I was inspired to do some research into the species. Black Marlins are found in tropical and subtropical Indian and Pacific Ocean, preferring to stay READ MORE

Interesting facts on fish species

There are over 25,000 identified species of fish on the earth, but it is believed that there might still be over 15,000 fish species that have not yet been identified. There are more species of fish then all the species of amphibians (frogs), reptiles, birds and mammals combined.

Picture of the day: Pod of about 2000 common dolphins

“Picture of the day” We had a pod of ±2000 common dolphins in the bay this morning. We also had Brydes whales feeding in the bay. These dolphins are associated with diving seabirds (particularly Cape Gannets), Penguins and Brydes whales – all feeding on the same small pelagic fish (pilchard, herring, squid etc.)

Picture of the day: Dolphins

“Picture of the day” Dolphins will work together as groups to contain fish in as tight a ball as possible. This cooperation ensures that every member gets their fair share. They have a built in radar that enables them to communicate, locate and stun fish.