elephant seal

The Elephant Seal is back

Since last week one of the Elephant seals is back at the Robberg seal colony. The elephant seals come into the bay a few times a year. Why do they come in? The one in the middle of the year is hard to tell, it seems like it is there to rest, but it could READ MORE

Elephant Seal moulting

The first Elephant Seal of the year comes into Plettenberg Bay at the end of January, beginning of February. The normal question is, “what is it doing here?” The first one of the year comes to moult it’s fur. The photo shows how quick this process is and that they have dark, grey/black skin under READ MORE

Elephant Seal a regular visitor to our Bay

The Elephant seal is still here. The young male Elephant Seal is not injured or sick but  rather just resting. They live in the Sub-Antartic region and are the largest of any seal on the planet. These behemoths can weigh up to 6000kg and grow to lengths of about 5m long. They are easily identifiable READ MORE

Picture of the day: The Elephant Seal

“Picture of the day” The Elephant Seal basking in the sun with the Cape Fur Seals. The Elephant Seal is part of the true seal family and differ from the fur seal in several ways. Firstly, they don’t have fur, second they do not have external ear flaps; third they only have incisors on the READ MORE

Picture of the day: Elephant Seal

“Picture of the day” Our regular visitor to the bay, the Elephant Seal is basking in the sun amongst the Cape Fur Seals at Robberg Peninsula As seen in this picture, Elephant Seals are much bigger than Cape Fur Seals.

Picture of the day: Eared Seals

“Picture of the day” Eared Seals (include sea lions and fur seals) have tiny ears and lift their bodies off the ground with their flippers. Seals range in size from the male southern Elephant Seal which reaches in excess of 3500kg to the smallest seals in the world that weigh 40 – 60 kg and READ MORE

Picture of the day: Awesome Trip

“Picture of the day” What an awesome trip!!! Today on our 12h00 boat trip we encountered Brydes whales just off the Point of Robberg. We also had ± 10 White Chinned Petrels circling above the boat for at least 5 minutes and at the seal colony we had our regular visitor, the Elephant Seal. En-route READ MORE

Picture of the day: Humpback Whale

“Picture of the day” What an awesome trip!!! We spotted this Humpback whale off the point of Robberg. This whale was breaching and lob-tailing, before moving off, joining another 2 Humpback whales. We also saw the frequent visitor to our bay, the Elephant Seal.

Picture of the day: 3 Southern Right whales

“Picture of the day” Today on our 09h30 boat trip we had 3 Southern Right whales 2 at First Dune, Plettenberg Bay and another 1 at Keurbooms Village. These whales were very relaxed. On our way to the Seal colony, we were entertained by the Elephant Seal who is still visiting our bay.