Blue stingrays

This beautiful stingray is one of the more common of 14 whiptail stingray species found in southern Africa. The upper surface of the blue stingray Dasyatis chrysonota is primarily brown or yellow-brown with mottled blue markings, while the underside of the animal is pale. This species has a pointed snout, and a single serrated spine READ MORE

Weekly weather update

Weather prediction for this week is: Tuesday 10th November 2015 Temperature: Min. 16°C Max. 17°C Water Temperature: 17°C Sun Factor: Partly cloudy Wind Speed: 18km/h SW am; 12 km/h SSW pm Swell: 1.64m WSW am; 1.4m SW pm Tides high 03h08 15h14 Tides Low 08h55 21h22 Wednesday 11th November 2015 Temperature: Min. 17°C Max. 18°C READ MORE

A mermaid’s purse

While one can imagine a young Ariel using one of these items as a purse, they are not well suited to this role on land. Commonly called mermaids purses, these items are in fact egg cases from a variety of species of sharks, skates and rays (elasmobranchs). Fertilisation of the egg occurs inside the female’s READ MORE

Ocean Blue awarded Blue Flag Status

Ocean Blue Adventures is only the second boat based company and only one of four companies to be awarded Blue Flag Status. This was for meeting excellence in the areas of safety, amenities, cleanliness and environmental standards. The strict criteria of the programme are set by the international coordinators of the Blue Flag campaign in Europe, the Foundation for Environmental READ MORE

Weekend weather update

  Weather prediction for this week is: Saturday 07th November 2015 Temperature: Min. 17°C Max. 20°C Water Temperature: 17°C Sun Factor: Cloudy Wind Speed: 6km/h SW am; 22 km/h SSW pm Swell: 1.6m SW am; 1.6m SW pm Tides high 01h23 13h41 Tides Low 07h20 19h55 Sunday 08th November 2015 Temperature: Min. 19°C Max. 20°C READ MORE

Plastic Pollution

Litter is a pervasive problem in the natural environment, but one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. What ingenious uses of recycled plastics can you come up with?

Weekly weather update

Weather prediction for this week is: Wednesday 04th November 2015 Temperature: Min. 18°C Max. 24°C Water Temperature: 17°C Sun Factor: Clear skies Wind Speed: 20km/h ENE am; 30 km/h ESE pm Swell: 2.6m S am; 3m ESE pm Tides high 10h45 23h16 Tides Low 03h12 17h33 Thursday 05th November 2015 Temperature: Min. 26°C Max. 31°C READ MORE

Humpback Whale Migrations

  Beginning in the late Summer and early Autumn, we at Ocean Blue Adventures are always excited in anticipation of seeing Humpback Whales passing Plettenberg Bay on their annual breeding migration. Initially, the whales can be seen heading north as they travel to the tropical and sub-tropical waters of northern Mozambique, southern Tanzania and Madagascar READ MORE

Plastic pollution

The invention of plastics revolutionized the world. Plastics are durable, cheap, lightweight, and strong, and as such, the uses and applications of plastics are endless. As plastic production and use expands, so the plastic items found polluting the environment increase. With an increase in plastics in the marine environment, species are more likely to interact READ MORE

Hidden treasures

Perusing a rock pool in the intertidal zone will yield a wide variety of sea life, but if you look really closely you can find some hidden treasures camouflaged amongst the algae and rocks. Dwarf cushion-stars Parvulastra exigua are small starfish roughly 2 cm in size, which are found along the Indian Ocean coastline and READ MORE