Bottlenose dolphins playing in the surf.

Bottlenose dolphins that play along the beach line are sometimes predictable in their behaviour. When a set of big waves comes in towards the beach they will surf in on them and breach out the back of the wave. This is a stunning sight, every time.      

Bottlenose dolphins playing in the the surf

Bottlenose dolphins are seen throughout the year, normally along the Keurbooms beach where they play in the surf.  On our Marine Encounter trips we go down along that side of the bay to Keurbooms beach in our search for dolphins, before we head over to the Robberg Peninsula and the Cape Fur seal colony.

Dolphins playing in the surf

? This weekend we had great dolphin sightings in Plettenberg Bay. Bottlenose dolphins have been seen Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We are lucky to see dolphins all year round in the Plettenberg Bay area. When they come into the bay it’s mainly to rest and ply in the surf zone along the beautiful beaches.  Lets READ MORE