A speedy sighting

While out on whale watching tour last week we were fortunate enough to experience a rare encounter with a Minke whale Balaenoptera bonaerensis, the smallest species of rorqual or baleanopterid whales. The Minke whale, like its close relative the Bryde’s whale, is known to be a shy animal as demonstrated by the individual we encountered. READ MORE

Cape Clawless Otter sighting in Bitou River

During a recent outing to the Bitou River for a clean-up,the volunteers had this amazing encounter with a Cape Clawless Otter.  It is one of South Africa’s endangered species and there is believed to be four families in the Plettenberg Bay area.

Humpback whale sighting

What an awesome experience!!!   Yesterday on our 12h00 boat trip we had our first encounter on a Humpback whale. A few of our guests were quite emotional when they experienced how gentle this majestic mammal was. This whale was very playful, swimming alongside the boat then diving underneath, giving the guests an experience of a READ MORE