sea lions

What’s the difference between Fur seals and Sea lions?

There are different marine mammals in the world oceans e.g. whales, dolphins, sea otters and seals. Seals are divided into 3 families, True seals (Phocidae), Walruses (Odobenidae) and Eared seals (Otariidae). There are a lot of differences between the families but the main ones are that the Walrus have large whiskers and tusks, Eared seals READ MORE

Picture of the day: Eared Seals

“Picture of the day” Eared Seals (include sea lions and fur seals) have tiny ears and lift their bodies off the ground with their flippers. Seals range in size from the male southern Elephant Seal which reaches in excess of 3500kg to the smallest seals in the world that weigh 40 – 60 kg and READ MORE