The Cape Fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus) is the only pinniped resident to the South African coastline and breeds at 41 different sites between Baia dos Tigres in Angola and Algoa Bay in South Africa. Most of the colonies are situated on the west coast within the Benguela Current system, while only three are situated READ MORE

Robberg – a window to the past

Southern Africa contains a wealth of archaeological sites, ranging from some of the earliest evidence of human origins to more recent occupation; thousands of sites that record the way of life and history of humans for nearly 2 million years. South Africa has a long history of coastal occupation by humans dating back to the READ MORE

Sure footed rock rabbit

Robberg Nature Reserve has a host of interesting species to find and see. While some of these, like the caracal, are a rarer sighting, animals like the rock hyrax Procavia capensis are plentiful and you can often find one basking on a rock in the sunshine. Hyrax are more commonly known as dassies by South READ MORE

The missing “lynx”

There have been increasing reports of lynx being spotted on Robberg Nature Reserve, however, these animals are not lynx but caracals Caracal caracal. Caracals are a robustly built cat characterized by their long pointed ears with black tufted tips. It is these tufted ears which are a shared characteristic between species of the genus Caracal READ MORE