Are we eating plastic eating fish?

Plastics are one of humans’ most recent ubiquitous and long-lasting changes to Earth’s surface. Due to the durable, inexpensive, lightweight, strong nature of plastics, they are suitable for an immense range of products, including a number of single-use items. Unfortunately, the same properties that make plastics suitable for a variety of applications make them a READ MORE

The Plastic Problem in the Marine Environment

Recently in Plettenberg Bay, we were thrilled to enjoy a visit over several days by a Killer Whale (Orca Orcinus). Both crew and passengers were amazed by the Orcas’ relaxed and apparently friendly demeanour towards humans. After a couple of days, the animal beached itself. Concerned members of the public alerted the authorities who managed READ MORE

Plastic Pollution

Litter is a pervasive problem in the natural environment, but one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. What ingenious uses of recycled plastics can you come up with?

Plastic pollution

The invention of plastics revolutionized the world. Plastics are durable, cheap, lightweight, and strong, and as such, the uses and applications of plastics are endless. As plastic production and use expands, so the plastic items found polluting the environment increase. With an increase in plastics in the marine environment, species are more likely to interact READ MORE