History of the Robberg Peninsula.

The Robberg Peninsula is situated on the western side of Plettenberg Bay. In the 15th century Robberg was first named “Cabo talhado” (Sharp Cape) by the Portuguese and in around 1750 it was named Robberg (Seal Mountain) by the Dutch. Robberg has a unique rock formation where some of the oldest and youngest rocks in READ MORE

The history of Plettenberg Bay.

Plettenberg Bay or “Plett” as it´s known by locals is located on the Garden Route in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Plettenberg Bay’s shoreline is made up of sandy beaches and rocky shores. The bay extends from the 5km long Robberg Peninsula in the west to Natures Valley in the east. Some impressive READ MORE

Feeding habits of Cape Gannets.

Cape Gannets can be seen year round in Plettenberg Bay and are often encountered on our trips out with Ocean Blue. These remarkable birds can be seen plunging into the ocean at high speeds to catch fish. Their plunge dive takes them to depths of 10 m, allowing them to catch fish that are well READ MORE

Tagging of animals

When working with animals and understanding how they move and live, researchers often use photo identification as a tool. Every single organism on the planet has something that is unique about them, like the spots on a leopard and the dorsal fins on dolphins. On land, this has been a major tool to see how READ MORE