humpback whales

Ocean Blue Humpback whale sightings

Humpback whales a plenty! We have been spoilt this week with sightings on “these angels of the sea” Our skipper Mario is enjoying the sight of 6 Humpback whales which had encircled the boat, giving our clients a 360 degree spectacular close encounter.

3 Humpback Whales

“Picture of the day”   On our 07h30 whale watching trip we were fortunate to find 3 humpback whales ± 8 kilometers off Beacon Island. We followed these animals for ± 1 kilometer, heading due south. On returning into the bay we encountered ± 15 Bottlenose dolphins playing in the surf of the River Mouth. READ MORE

Picture of the day: Whales breaching

“Picture of the day” On our 09h30 boat trip we were fortunate to find 4 Humpback whales. Our guests were kept entertained for 30 minutes with whales breaching ± 30 meters from the boat and playing on the surface. We will be running whale watching trips throughout December and January.  

Picture of the day: Humpback whales spotted

“Picture of the day” Humpback whales spotted off Nature’s Valley heading towards Plettenberg Bay. Two Brydes whales were also spotted off Keurbooms Village feeding on a patch of baitfish. With these south easterly winds blowing lots of baitfish has moved into our bay following clean, nutrient rich water.  

Picture of the Day: 3 Humback Whales

“Picture of the day” Yesterday 3 Humpback whales were spotted off the Island on the Robberg Peninsula. Due to strong winds and rough seas it made it very difficult to spot these animals in the choppy water, but clients still managed to get good photos.