Connection over great distances

For the last year Siyakula pre-school has regular skype calls with a school in Spain called SEK Alboran.  They have helped with repairs of the school, creating chalk boards so all the children can practice their writing skills, and also came to visit this year. During the skype calls the children get the chance to READ MORE

Great Humpback whale sightings

  Yesterday we had between 20 & 30 Humpback whales 3km off the Point of Robberg. It looks like we are going to have a great Humpback whale season this year as reports coming in from Transkei (east coast) are that there are up to plus minus 100 Humpback whales currently passing the coast, moving south READ MORE

Great Southern Right whale sightings

As was expected with the rough sea conditions over the past few days the whales have been a bit scares. These large marine mammals will move into deeper, safer waters until the weather passes. However, we are still having some great sightings.  The Southern Right whales are still providing endless entertainment for guests on board READ MORE

Great Humpback whale sightings

  In our opinion this season has been the best in terms of Humpback whale sightings.There has not been a single trip where we have not seen these “angels of the sea” and soon you’ll be able to hear them too. A new hydrophone has been ordered and will be in operation soon.  Male Humpback READ MORE