A shy encounter

Bryde’s whales are South Africa’s only resident whale species that doesn’t migrate south in summer. During the past week our guests have been extremely lucky to have seen a few Bryde’s whales during our boat trips. They are usually very shy and normally only surface a few times before taking a dive and swimming away READ MORE

Our first Southern Right whale encounter

Even though whales have been spotted from land, on Saturday afternoon we were thrilled to have our first close encounter on two Southern Right whales at Keurbooms River Mouth. When the Southern Right whales leave the Antarctic waters for the warmer Atlantic and Indian Ocean waters they want to shed their skin. They do so READ MORE

Bottlenose dolphin encounter

This Sunday we had a good day at sea. On the 09h30 trip we had 3 Brydes whales off the point of Robberg Peninsula and one of them decided to come up 3 meters from  the boat. On the 12h00 trip we found a bog group of Bottlenose dolphins paying in the surf at Keurbooms.

Whale Watching Picture of the Day – Garden Route

Whale Watching / Ocean Safari / Close Encounter Whale Experience – Picture of the Day  Yesterday on our 09h30 and we had this Brydes whale at Keurbooms Village. This whale swam alongside the boat for 10 minutes before moving off. En-route to Robberg, we encountered 9 Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins playing in the surf at Robberg READ MORE

Picture of the day:Common dolphins

“Picture of the day” On our 09h30 trip today we encountered a pod of ±250 – 300 common dolphins moving towards the corner of Robberg. These animals kept our guests on vessel Gaia entertained for at least 30 minutes before leaving the bay and moving on to Knysna. While following these common dolphins, we had READ MORE