Picture of the day:Nice pod of dolphins

“Picture of the day” On our 09h30 boat trip this morning we picked up a nice pod of dolphins ±100-150, moving from Grootbank towards Keurbooms Village, surfing and playing in the waves. They kept our guests entertained for 20 minutes. We then moved off and came across a small group of very rare Indo-Pacific Humpback READ MORE

Picture of the day: Dolphins

“Picture of the day” Dolphins will work together as groups to contain fish in as tight a ball as possible. This cooperation ensures that every member gets their fair share. They have a built in radar that enables them to communicate, locate and stun fish.    

3 Humpback Whales

“Picture of the day”   On our 07h30 whale watching trip we were fortunate to find 3 humpback whales ± 8 kilometers off Beacon Island. We followed these animals for ± 1 kilometer, heading due south. On returning into the bay we encountered ± 15 Bottlenose dolphins playing in the surf of the River Mouth. READ MORE

Picture of the day: Dolphins

“Picture of the day” What an awesome trip!!! These dolphins were playing in the surf. With the plankton bloom in the bay, lots of baitfish has come to feed on the plankton, attracting lots of dolphins.