Dolphins at speed

On the boat trip yesterday morning the guests had an amazing sighting of common dolphins. These dolphins travel in large groups and at high speeds (~35km/hr) which can make the ocean look like it is boiling. The dolphins followed the boat, swimming next to it, jumping out of the water and bow riding.

Reading time at Siyakula pre-school

It’s reading time at the pre-school and to increase the children’s English skills, we read a story to them every day. The story will be read in English and then translated to Xhosa by a teacher. They always enjoy story time and are keen to answer the questions about the story afterwards.

Another day at the Siyakula pre-school

With our (ORCA Foundation and Ocean Blue crew) next visit to the Siyakula pre-school our lesson will be about animals and where on earth they live. It teaches them the English names of the animals and where the countries are on the map compared to South Africa. Having volunteers and township tour guests coming from READ MORE

A day at pre-school

When doing a township tour with Ocean Blue the money goes towards the township, especially the Siyakula pre-school and nursery school. It helps to keep up maintenance of the school, pay teachers salaries and feed the children. The children get 2 meals a day, breakfast and lunch. On Thursdays when the ORCA Foundation and Ocean READ MORE