How do animals regulate their body temperature?

For an animal to keep the right body temperature they use thermo regulation. Thermo regulation is the ability to keep the optimal body temperature even when the surrounding temperature is different. A thermo conforming animal will adapt to the same temperature as their surrounding (like reptiles).” Why don’t all animals use thermo conformation?” Most animals READ MORE

Animal friendships

Most of us had contact with animals one way or another. We interact with them when going on game drives, zoos, whale and dolphin watching boats or have them as pets. What’s interesting and fascinating with animals is their behavior and similarities to us. Most similarities between humans and animals are seen in mammals since READ MORE

Tagging of animals

When working with animals and understanding how they move and live, researchers often use photo identification as a tool. Every single organism on the planet has something that is unique about them, like the spots on a leopard and the dorsal fins on dolphins. On land, this has been a major tool to see how READ MORE

How long does animals live.

How long does animals live? This is a hard question to answer, since it depends on which aspect we are talking about. Is it how long most of them live or how long they can live? We also need to compare living in the wild or captivity. Just like humans live to different ages, so READ MORE

Picture of the day:Common dolphins

“Picture of the day” On our 09h30 trip today we encountered a pod of ±250 – 300 common dolphins moving towards the corner of Robberg. These animals kept our guests on vessel Gaia entertained for at least 30 minutes before leaving the bay and moving on to Knysna. While following these common dolphins, we had READ MORE

Picture of the day: Our vessel Damara beaching

“Picture of the day” In this picture, our vessel Damara beaching, after yet another fantastic trip on the ocean. Today we had many excited phone calls about Orca’s in the bay. Upon further investigation we were able to determine that the animals that caused so much excitement were in fact the offshore species of Bottlenose READ MORE

3 Humpback Whales

“Picture of the day”   On our 07h30 whale watching trip we were fortunate to find 3 humpback whales ± 8 kilometers off Beacon Island. We followed these animals for ± 1 kilometer, heading due south. On returning into the bay we encountered ± 15 Bottlenose dolphins playing in the surf of the River Mouth. READ MORE

Picture of the Day: 3 Humback Whales

“Picture of the day” Yesterday 3 Humpback whales were spotted off the Island on the Robberg Peninsula. Due to strong winds and rough seas it made it very difficult to spot these animals in the choppy water, but clients still managed to get good photos.