A mermaid’s purse

While one can imagine a young Ariel using one of these items as a purse, they are not well suited to this role on land. Commonly called mermaids purses, these items are in fact egg cases from a variety of species of sharks, skates and rays (elasmobranchs). Fertilisation of the egg occurs inside the female’s READ MORE

A hermit crab’s mobile home

Many of us may have experienced the disappointment of picking up a beautiful shell on the beach only to find it inhabited by a sea creature, frequently a hermit crab, requiring it to be returned to the ocean. There are over 800 described species of hermit crabs, ten legged crustaceans with a soft abdomen, most READ MORE

A speedy sighting

While out on whale watching tour last week we were fortunate enough to experience a rare encounter with a Minke whale Balaenoptera bonaerensis, the smallest species of rorqual or baleanopterid whales. The Minke whale, like its close relative the Bryde’s whale, is known to be a shy animal as demonstrated by the individual we encountered. READ MORE

A shy encounter

Bryde’s whales are South Africa’s only resident whale species that doesn’t migrate south in summer. During the past week our guests have been extremely lucky to have seen a few Bryde’s whales during our boat trips. They are usually very shy and normally only surface a few times before taking a dive and swimming away READ MORE

A big thank you

The Siyakula pre-school and Ocean Blue would like to thank everyone that has done a township tour with us. With your help and donations we can give back to the Qolweni community and help the children to a brighter future. To make this happen, teachers are needed to educate the children. Money from township tours READ MORE