plettenberg bay


Cape Fur Seals Over the last few weeks, newborn Cape Fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus) pups have been washing out on Robberg beach; most already dead, but a few lucky ones making it ashore alive. Cape fur seal pups are born between mid-November and the end of January. They are born with a black natal READ MORE

Cape Clawless Otter

It is not every day that one gets to glimpse the elusive Cape clawless otter (Aonyx capensis) as it goes about its daily life within many of South Africa’s freshwater systems. These otters belong to the Mustelid family, which includes carnivores such as weasels and badgers. The Cape clawless otter, also known as the African READ MORE

Vagrant seals in Plettenberg Bay

Although the Cape Fur seal (Arctocephalus pusillus pusillus) is southern Africa’s only endemic pinniped species, we do get a number of vagrant pinniped species that visit our shores. In Plettenberg Bay, we see both Subantarctic fur seals (Arctocephalus tropicalis) and southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) on occasion. These species are vagrants from Antarctic and Subantarctic READ MORE

Magnificent birds in Plettenberg Bay

White-breasted cormorants are magnificent birds that can be seen during our boat trips. They sit on the rocks on the Robberg Peninsula or can be seen diving for fish in shallow waters along the beach. They differ from the Cape cormorant with their white breast and larger body size. Did you know? They don’t have READ MORE

The history of Plettenberg Bay.

Plettenberg Bay or “Plett” as it´s known by locals is located on the Garden Route in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Plettenberg Bay’s shoreline is made up of sandy beaches and rocky shores. The bay extends from the 5km long Robberg Peninsula in the west to Natures Valley in the east. Some impressive READ MORE

Bottlenose dolphins in Plettenberg Bay.

Over the past weekend, we have enjoyed frequent sightings of a large pod of approximately 200 Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins. Our encounters with the dolphins have been both in the surf zone where dolphins spend about 75% of their lives and out in the bay, into which they venture to feed on bait-fish and squid. The READ MORE

Dolphin Sightings in Plettenberg Bay

During our trips this week we found pods of Bottlenose dolphins along the Keurbooms beach. They were relaxing in the surf and some curious animals came to the boat for a closer look, putting smiles on the guest’s faces when they played in the waves. We also encountered a small resident group of between 4 READ MORE

Breaching, Southern Right whale, Plettenberg Bay

During the South African winter, Southern Right whales (Eubalaena australis) arrives from the Antarctic to breed and give birth. They normally arrive in Plettenberg Bay in mid-July and stay until mid-September. They were given the name “right” whale, because during the whaling (the massive hunt of whales) they were the right whales to hunt. They READ MORE