Our first Southern Right Whale of the season

We are very excited to announce that the first Southern Right Whale of the season has been sighted in our beautiful Plettenberg Bay! It is always so exciting to see the first whale of the season, though all sightings are awe-inspiring and fantastic, there is something special about that first sighting after months of not READ MORE

Great White Sharks in Plettenberg Bay

There are roughly 100 shark species in southern Africa, and while most of them are very rarely seen and are harmless, Great White Sharks Carcharodon carcharias are of the more infamous of these species particularly due to its perceived aggressive nature. This shark species is one you will recognize on sight. It has a blue-grey READ MORE

Black Marlin

A few weeks ago a Black Marlin Istiompax indica washed up on Central Beach in Plettenberg Bay measuring 3.8 m. Unfortunately, I was not in town to see it but I was inspired to do some research into the species. Black Marlins are found in tropical and subtropical Indian and Pacific Ocean, preferring to stay READ MORE

Mangrove swamps

Mangrove ecosystems have a very narrow band of distribution and are found in tropical and subtropical areas around the world. They are amongst the most rare and interesting ecosystems that occur in the tidal or coastal environment. Mangroves consist of unusual salt-adapted trees which allows them to thrive in the intertidal zone, a habitat that READ MORE


The octopus (Greek Októpus meaning eight foot) is a cephalopod mollusk that belongs to the order Octopoda. This animal has 4 pairs of arms, 2 eyes, a beak within a mouth at the center of the arms, and has no internal or external skeleton (though some retain a remnant of a shell within the mantle). READ MORE

Dolphins under the sea

How frustrating is it to have a conversation while someone is jackhammering nearby? Or drilling perhaps? You have to raise your voice, repeat your words, and even then the person you are talking to might misunderstand what you are trying to convey. Or perhaps your response is that of my Mom’s regarding my music habits READ MORE

Twineyed skate

While walking the beaches of Plettenberg Bay and Natures Valley one can regularly find the egg cases of the twineyed skate Raja mireletus. The twineyed skate is a small medium-brown skate with close-set small dark brown spots on the upper surface, and is white underneath. Its name comes from two blue eyespots on the pectoral READ MORE

Whistle a happy tune

While it is common knowledge that dolphins communicate through whistles, clicks, and screams, most perhaps do not realise how complex their communication is thought to be. This thought stems from the knowledge of dolphin call repertoires, high level of intelligence, and ability to learn and replicate other vocal cues – not just a pretty face! READ MORE