Heart urchin

Perhaps more commonly known as a pumpkin pansy or the sea potato, the heart urchin Echinocardium cordatum is a beautiful irregularly oval urchin which is usually 4-5 cm in length, but can grow up to 9 cm. The body is covered in short spines, which are mostly directed backwards, unlike other sea urchins found in READ MORE


While walking the stretch of beach between Robberg Peninsula and Beacon Island I came across several dried out boxfish which spurred me to read up about this group of fish. Boxfish range in size from 15 – 46 cm and are generally solitary fish which spend their time on rocky and coral reefs, and grass READ MORE


A well-known sight along the beaches, in inter-tidal rocky pools, and in the hands of fishermen is redbait Pyura stolonifera. Although recognized on sight, many people may not know very much about this common animal. Redbait is a sea squirt which lives in intertidal rocky shores and subtidally down to 10 m deep. Sea squirts READ MORE

Cape Fur Seal Breeding

Situated on the magnificent Robberg Nature Reserve, a 3.9km peninsula that extends into the ocean on the southern side of Plettenberg Bay, is a colony of approximately 4000 Cape Fur Seals (Arctocephalus Pusillus). After the extermination of the original colony in the early 1900’s, the seals only returned in the early 90’s. The population gradually READ MORE

Dolphin Echolocation

Dolphin Echolocation -by Steve Bebington While dolphins do have good eyesight, this is of minor use to them in an aquatic environment where vision may be limited by various factors such as light penetration or sediment in the water. As such, their primary sensory awareness relates to sound in what is known as echolocation or READ MORE

Weekend weather update

Weather prediction for this week is: Friday 22nd January 2016 Temperature: Min. 21°C Max. 23°C Water Temperature: 20°C Sun Factor: Cloudy with 0.3mm rain in the evening Wind Speed: 10km/h SE am; 32 km/h SE pm Swell: 1.6m SW am; 1.8m SSW pm Tides high 03h02 15h15 Tides Low 09h01 21h25 Saturday 23rd January 2016 READ MORE

Sharks in Peril

A couple of months ago, a visiting veterinarian arrived at our shop early one morning in distress. She had been for a run on the beach and was shocked to find the butchered remains of a smooth hound shark. The head was connected to the tail by a thin strip of skin along the dorsal READ MORE

The Plastic Problem in the Marine Environment

Recently in Plettenberg Bay, we were thrilled to enjoy a visit over several days by a Killer Whale (Orca Orcinus). Both crew and passengers were amazed by the Orcas’ relaxed and apparently friendly demeanour towards humans. After a couple of days, the animal beached itself. Concerned members of the public alerted the authorities who managed READ MORE

Colourful Cape sea urchins

Another beauty found in rock pools throughout the Western and Eastern Cape are the Cape sea urchins, but beware the spines! Cape sea urchins Parechinus angulosus grow to 6 cm, and are covered in spines of varying size but which are no bigger than 1/5th the size of the shell. The spines are most often READ MORE

Qolweni Graduation 2015

Qolweni Graduation 2015 Every year we prepare a formal graduation for all children departing the school. A celebration at the end of the year with the family and friends of each child. The event is held at the school where there are speeches and certificates and everyone arrives in full attire to attend a lunch. Gift READ MORE