Picture of the day: One of three Humpback Whales

“Picture of the day” One of three Humpback whales yesterday in the bay. According to authorities in Kwazulu Natal hundreds of Humpback whales were seeing passing along the coastline heading south. This is great news for us in Plettenberg Bay as November should be a fantastic month for spotting these mammals passing our bay.  

Picture of the day: Dolphins

“Picture of the day” What an awesome trip!!! These dolphins were playing in the surf. With the plankton bloom in the bay, lots of baitfish has come to feed on the plankton, attracting lots of dolphins.

Picture of the day: Humpback Whale

“Picture of the day” What an awesome trip!!! We spotted this Humpback whale off the point of Robberg. This whale was breaching and lob-tailing, before moving off, joining another 2 Humpback whales. We also saw the frequent visitor to our bay, the Elephant Seal.

Picture of the day: Two Humpback Whales

“Picture of the day” Two Humpback whales out of a group of six one kilometer off the Island on Robberg Peninsula. We should start seeing Humpback whales for the next two months on their southerly migration. According to an observer in the Transkei up to ±100 Humpback whales are passing their coastline daily. We are READ MORE

Picture of the day: 3 Southern Right whales

“Picture of the day” Today on our 09h30 boat trip we had 3 Southern Right whales 2 at First Dune, Plettenberg Bay and another 1 at Keurbooms Village. These whales were very relaxed. On our way to the Seal colony, we were entertained by the Elephant Seal who is still visiting our bay.    

Picture of the day: Awesome Sighting

“Picture of the day” What an awesome sight!!! Yesterday on our 09h30 boat trip, we spotted these two Humpback whales. While en-route searching for whales, these two Humpbacks’s appeared ± 100m from the boat. They entertained us with their acrobatic movements and whale songs. They normally break through the surface at least 4 times before READ MORE

Picture of the day: 3 Southern Right Whales

“Picture of the day” One of 3 Southern Right whales spotted off Keurbooms Village on our 09h30 trip this morning. After being entertained by these 3 whales, we moved across to the Seal colony on the Robberg Peninsula and while en-route we encountered, 4 African Black Footed Penguins, 2 Shy Albatrosses, and numerous Cape Cormorants. READ MORE

Picture of the Day: Elephant Seal

“Picture of the day” Our smiling Elephant Seal is still in the bay entertaining the guests on all three boat trips today. Due to windy conditions and rough seas on the outside of the bay, we were not able to get to the Humpback whales, even though we saw them breaching far out to sea. READ MORE

Picture of the day: Cape Fur Seal

“Picture of the day” On our 09h30 boat trip while clients were taking pictures of the Cape Fur Seals at the Seal colony at Robberg, we just saw two round eyes and a smiley face appear on the surface. This female Elephant Seal entertained our guests for at least 5 minutes before she took a READ MORE