fur seal

Facts on the Subantarctic Fur Seal

Around the world there are 33 different species of seals (Pinnipeds). In South African waters there are 7 different seal species found. The Plettenberg Bay resident specie is the Cape Fur Seal (Arctocephalus pusillus) with visiting Elephant Seals (Mirounga leonina) and Sub-antarctic Fur Seals (Arctocephalus tropicalis). The Subantartic Fur seal is mainly found in the READ MORE

Picture of the day: Common Dolphins

“Picture of the day” Another awesome trip on the ocean!!! Today on our 09h30 boat trip we encountered a pod of ± 500 Common dolphins, busy feeding at Dune Park. After about 5 minutes they were joined by 5 Brydes whales a few Cape Fur Seals and Cape Gannets.  

Picture of the day: The Elephant Seal

“Picture of the day” The Elephant Seal basking in the sun with the Cape Fur Seals. The Elephant Seal is part of the true seal family and differ from the fur seal in several ways. Firstly, they don’t have fur, second they do not have external ear flaps; third they only have incisors on the READ MORE

Picture of the day: Elephant Seal

“Picture of the day” Our regular visitor to the bay, the Elephant Seal is basking in the sun amongst the Cape Fur Seals at Robberg Peninsula As seen in this picture, Elephant Seals are much bigger than Cape Fur Seals.

Picture of the day: Eared Seals

“Picture of the day” Eared Seals (include sea lions and fur seals) have tiny ears and lift their bodies off the ground with their flippers. Seals range in size from the male southern Elephant Seal which reaches in excess of 3500kg to the smallest seals in the world that weigh 40 – 60 kg and READ MORE

Picture of the day: Cape Fur Seal

“Picture of the day” In the 1950’s the population of the Cape Fur Seal in Plettenberg Bay was 10 000. By the early 1980’s, their numbers had been reduced to 0. Currently we have a population of between 4000-5000 Seals. Facts on Cape Fur Seals: They can dive up to 250meters Can hold their breath READ MORE

Picture of the day: Cape Fur Seal

“Picture of the day” On our 09h30 boat trip while clients were taking pictures of the Cape Fur Seals at the Seal colony at Robberg, we just saw two round eyes and a smiley face appear on the surface. This female Elephant Seal entertained our guests for at least 5 minutes before she took a READ MORE