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Knysna Seahorse in dire straits

The Knysna seahorse Hippocampus capensis is an endemic seahorse species to the Western Cape, found in only three estuarine systems: Swartvlei Estuary, Knysna Estuary, and Keurbooms Estuary. Historically this species was also found in Klein Brak, Groot Brak, Goukamma, Groot, Kromme, Kabeljous, and Gamtoos estuaries but they have not been seen in these systems for […]

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Interesting facts on the Knysna seahorse (Hippocampus capensis)

Sea horses (hippocampus) are fish that can be recognized by their horse-like head that is right angled to the body and a muscular tail that they use as an anchor. Sea horses are well camouflaged and are generally found holding onto sea grass stems, coral heads or artificial reefs where they sit and ambush their […]

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