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Amazing African black oystercatcher

The African black oystercatcher Haematopus moquini is one of our resident breeding coastal bird species. It can often be seen on Lookout Beach and other coastal areas in Plettenberg Bay, but ranges from Luderitz in Namibia to Mazeppa Bay in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. They have a very distinctive appearance with all black feathers, […]

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Sub Antarctic Skua, the Whale bird

The Sub Antarctic Skua or brown Skua’s (Catharacta Antarctica) distribution is the Sub Antarctic, at the Falkland Islands, Scotia Arc and the Antarctic Peninsula to about 65 degrees South. They are known as opportunistic feeders that will predate, scavenge and use klepto-parasitism. Klepto-parasitism means that the Skua’s harass other animals until they give up their […]

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