Humpback dolphin

The Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin Sousa chinensis is a resident species along our coastline, and is the iconic species of the Plettenberg Bay Hope Spot ( The Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin is a widespread and highly variable species. Humpback dolphins range from the east coast of Africa, northern Indian Ocean, along the southern coast of the Middle […]

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A small step for krill, a giant leap for spineless invertebrates

Probably made famous by the deep-thinking and entertaining Will and Bill from Happy Feet Two, krill are small shrimp-like crustaceans that play a big role in our ecosystems. Euphausids, or krill, comprise a group of about 85 species worldwide, and though there are many species in southern Africa it is unfortunately not common to see […]

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Fish are friends not food

Water covers 71% of the worlds surface, and 97% of that water is in the oceans. Oceans, while appearing infinitely large, are not an infinite resource. Oceans provide many important services and functions, most of which people may be unaware of, such as: nutrient recycling, primary production, provide shelter to many marine species, provide food […]

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Bryde’s Whales forever in the bay

While most people excitedly anticipate the arrival of the humpback and southern right whales sometime during June or July their migration from sub-antarctic waters, many may forget or overlook our near shore resident species, the Bryde’s whale Balaenoptera brydei. Both the humpback and southern right whales are bigger in size, personality, approachability, and visibility than […]

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