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Relaxed Bottlenose dolphins along Keurbooms Beach

Bottlenose dolphins generally spend time close inshore, travelling or resting in the surf zone because it is thought to be a safe zone for them to be in. The turbulence created by the waves crashing onto the beaches disguises them from predators by masking their communication sounds. On our boat trip yesterday (Wednesday) we had […]

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Parthenogenesis - h

What is Parthenogenesis?

Parthenogenesis comes from two Greek words Parthenos meaning “virgin” and Genesis meaning “birth”. Parthenogenesis species are often mistaken for hermaphroditic (species that can reproduce by themselves) species, the difference is that hermaphrodites have reproductive organs from both sexes while the parthenogenesis only has the female reproductive organs. Parthenogenesis is a form of asexual reproduction where […]

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